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My list of fandoms is like a roll call by now, but a few of them are Star Trek, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Hannibal, Supernatural, and honestly almost anything could appear on here, even het.

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Also, I wonder if Zach and Chris are touching right now. And maybe they meet Benedict Cumberbatch and Zach had to work out a lot because Spock’s shirtless and Benedict is all evil and throws him in the dungeon with Kirk and being all sexy in a long leather coat like a come-hither Sherlock gone insane meanwhile Uhura is far away on the ship and listening to the audio feeds somehow and is all, “whut, why am I sitting here while my boyfriend is in danger,” so she goes and kicks all sorts of ass and when she gets to the jail cell all dirty and sweaty and handling this shit, she sees Spock mounting Kirk to “break out using a transitor chip” and decides that she really should break up with Spock right there and BAM! Scotty busts through the ceiling and saves all of them and Uhura is smitten and Spock is like *poker face* while Kirk is secretly dancing on the inside and whoops, now his pants are ripping and he needs Spock’s belt to hold a bandage on his wounded leg, so they exit the cell with Spock carrying Kirk in his arms with his pants slung low from lack of belt.

#this may be a bit objectifying #star trek #space husbands #uhotty #uhura is a bad ass #slash #pinto #benedict cumberbatch #tag all the things