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My list of fandoms is like a roll call by now, but a few of them are Star Trek, Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Hannibal, Supernatural, and honestly almost anything could appear on here, even het.

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No but seriously we’re getting a Cars 3 and Rise of the Guardians doesn’t get a sequel? You’re telling me you wouldn’t pay good money to hear the story of how Pitch, the evil boogeyman, is actually Kosmotis Pitchiner and is evil because he tried to protect his daughter and everyone in the universe by guarding these demon things called fearlings and was possessed by them? We can’t have that awesome redemption story because we need some more fart jokes and fucking Larry the Cable Truck?

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verifascinating said: I really really really agree with one of your tags about Supernatural regarding how the writer's forgot 8 seasons of the show! One of the big ones is how about Dean letting Sam say "yes" to Lucifer, knowing he'd gone down with him. What are some of the things you remember that they should have taken into account when writing that conversation at the end?

*cracks knuckles* I actually sat here for a while and contemplated this question, because your point of Dean letting Sam say yes to Lucifer, even when he damn well saw what the future would become if he did, hit me hard and I realized how stupid this current plotline really is.

Here are 4 off the top of my head from recent seasons

1. Letting Sam go through the trials to close the gates of hell in the first place. That’s what led us to this current buttfuckery.

2. Sending Castiel away so Sam could heal. You know that fucking hurt Dean, and I’m not even a shipper.

3. SAYING GOODBYE TO BENNY. Dean trusted Benny more than almost anyone, and he said ‘adios’ because Sam didn’t trust him.

4. Going to live with Lisa and Ben and live a normal life, because Sam asked. Because you know if he hadn’t, Dean would have been deal searching.

We’re not even going into all the little times Dean trusted Sam’s judgement over his own, like in the same fucking episode when Sam didn’t want to kill the fat sucking monster and Dean did. Should I mention Dean wanting so badly to leave the influence of his father and live a normal life in that correctional house but changed his mind when he saw Sam? How was that selfish? Being selfish would be Dean choosing to be normal. You know, like Sam has before.

So this is why I’m getting mad at Sam, and I hate it, HATE IT, because I really do love Sam but the writers are retconning like hell and reminding me of all the times they fucked over Sam’s character.

Like remember the whole Ruby debacle? That was fun. Or how about dog lady and how Sam didn’t bother trying to get Dean AND Castiel out of purgatory? How about his heaven containing his best memories being without Dean in them?

And I DESPISE thinking of these things because there have been plenty of times Sam did choose Dean and Sam is fucking lying when he said last night that if the tables were reversed, HE wouldn’t have done what Dean did with Gadreel.

Does Mystery Spot ring a bell? That whole episode was a godsend because until then we never got a real picture of how lost and desperate Sam would be without Dean. And who here can recall Sam’s desperation and need of Dean that he lowered himself to trusting Ruby and trying to sell his own soul for Dean? 

"I don’t want ten years. I don’t want one year. I don’t want candy! I want to trade places with Dean."

Sam’s greatest fear: Disappointing his brother. Remember When the Levee Breaks, Sam’s vision of his brother telling him he’s a monster? Greatest sin? “Letting you down.” Yeah, Sam psychologically needs his brother to believe and care for him, so I wonder where this idea got into Dean’s head that Sam needs him to sometimes make hard decisions for him, like living instead of giving up and dying.

To be honest, I’d have more faith in the show if Sam was just suicidal and just wants to die so he can finally rest. That would make a shitload more sense. I mean what, are they trying to fracture their relationship so Sam can be more of a nihilist and not have someone come to save him for when, I don’t know, Lucifer escapes his cage to get his vessel back and bring destruction down on humanity with the croatoan virus in the year 2014…

Oh, you motherfucking writers.

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Here we go, more Sam and Dean angst for several more episodes.

You know what? Imagine if Sam had heard about the angel possession thing and was just like, “Oh yeah, I understand you fully, Dean. I would have done that too.” Then they have a beer and that’s that.


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You know, I’m not even grateful this was cut, because we still got that fucking scene with Jim sleeping with and forgetting Christine Chapel in STID. The fact that it was even written and filmed is troubling. It’s like the writers have never even watched TOS and are writing bad fan fiction on what pop culture jokes about Kirk’s personality.

This scene manages to make Kirk racist, misogynist, and completely fucking stupid in one fell swoop. They have different hair color, you’re supposed to be a fucking genius. It makes me frustrated and want to cry. I keep imagining him going to Vulcan and losing Spock in a crowd because hey, Vulcans look alike too. God fucking damn this bastardization of Kirk’s beautiful soul.

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I absolutely loathe people who are like “they don’t really want to commit suicide, they’re just looking for attention.” I mean, ignoring all the wrong in assuming what someone feels and what they might do, why can’t they ask for attention?

If someone tells you they want to kill themselves, they are looking for attention, because we as humans want to know that someone will care if we’re gone. Something like 77% of people who are suicidal give signs or flat out tell someone what they want to do. Saying that someone is only looking for attention and is not really troubled is erroneous because even if that person was sad and pathetic enough to fake wanting to die for attention, something is wrong in their lives to the point that they have to use these kind of tactics to get noticed.

Either way, you can never really tell which it is, so either shut up and don’t antagonize them or just ask if they want to talk. If they don’t want to talk, just talk about anything in hopes of starting a conversation because that shows that you care they are there and it shows them that you won’t be easily pushed away.

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I’ve seen a lot of people being pissed over fan art being “stolen”. When I first started using tumblr and saw these complaints pop up, I sympathized mostly, because hey, I’ve had that happen to a couple of fanvids of mine and I know a lot of people have had their fics posted by other people without permission. It’s not cool to pretend someone else’s art is your own.

However, I further discovered that many of these complainers define stealing as “posting on a blog without credit.” Now, this is still within the realm of reason. If I post your art on my blog and you want credit, it’s my duty to give a source or link to the original. All that takes is a polite request and a blog’s compliance.

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Anonymous said: Please don't tell people to start watching "Due South" at the start of Season 3! Seasons 1 and 2 are very good - I think they're actually better written than the other seasons - and they deserve to be watched. And the Fraser/RayV relationship - friendship or however you interpret it - deserves to be seen and celebrated. "Due South" is much more than F/K - I wish you shippers would understand that!

Another one of these jerk offs? Like I said before, I love all four seasons and I agree that people should watch all of them. In fact, I would like to point out the post in which you are probably referencing, this one, in which I told a person getting into the show that they should watch the pilot and I say nothing about just skipping to the third season, only pointed out that there are two Rays.  

It is NOT cool to come to anyone’s blog and bitch about how they do fandom. Hell, shouldn’t everyone be glad that people are interested in this show? It’s not like I said, “Start at season 3 because Vecchio is boring and there’s nothing to see in the first two seasons.” You know what, I bet you’re the same anon who bitched before and I dearly hope you are, because otherwise I’m going to start thinking poorly of F/V shippers, and that’s not fair because I know quite a few who are lovely and would hate you and your constant whining.

Jesus, I never get this angry, but I need these people to GET OFF MY BLOG. In fact, this is the last time I’m going to respond to a message like this. I am not bad mouthing any character, season, or pairing here. I love Vecchio, I ADORE the first two seasons, and I wish you shippers would understand that.

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I’m trying so freaking hard not to because I know wank isn’t good. FYI, if you’re a multishipper, don’t be a fucking asshole and bitch every time one ship doesn’t like the other. All you can really say is, “don’t tag hate”. If I want to talk about how Spock/Uhura doesn’t hold a candle to the fucking legacy and wonder that is Kirk/Spock, I damn well will and if you follow me, EXPECT THAT SHIT ON YOUR DASH. I sure as shit wouldn’t follow both Destiel and Wincest shippers and not expect to see some opinions.

Sure, you can ship both. Sure, you can love a ship to your heart’s content. Sure, you have every right not to like me and you have every right to complain if I put a rant in your ship tag like a douchebag. But don’t expect people to not talk about what they don’t like and as long as they don’t put it in your ship’s tag and aren’t ugly and mean about it, I don’t see why it’s a problem. And please, please, do not reblog shit just to complain about how a ship is being mistreated and you are apalled that it’s on your dash. It’s your effing dash, clean that shit up and unfollow those that posted it.

I would like to point out a lovely person called verifascinating. Want to know why? In Glee-land, we didn’t see eye-to-eye on Karofsky and, by proxy, Kurtofsky. But did we get angry and start a war? Nope, we discussed it and went about our daily lives. Fucking amazing, isn’t it, being able to get along with someone who hates a ship you like or even love? I get along with plenty of multishippers because guess what? People like some things and not others. Deal with it and stop trying to make everyone think exactly like you do.

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verifascinating replied to your post: What are your feelings regarding the latest reboot comic book with the whole S/U “romance” thing and captain Kirk giving them orders to have a few hours of “shared quarter confinement”?


WHY WOULD YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT? *rocks back and forth* But in all seriousness, I’m hoping like hell that these comics are much like all the ST novels out there and only resemble canon. I mean, it’s a punch in the cunt having it be Kirk ordering Spock and Uhura to have some alone time. Not only that, but one of my favorite fucking episodes of Star Trek is The Galileo Seven. You know, the one with this scene.


pmastamonkmonk replied to your post: What are your feelings regarding the latest reboot comic book with the whole S/U “romance” thing and captain Kirk giving them orders to have a few hours of “shared quarter confinement”?

Can we just… NOT focus on Spock and Uhura in the next movie? Can there not be a romance subplot? Why does every movie need a romance subplot?

THIS. For fuck’s sake, I may joke around a lot and go on about how gay Kirk and Spock are, but the great thing about TOS was that there was no major romances. They relied on storytelling and characterization. Wtf would Wrath of Khan look like if they made Kirk and Carol have a big romantic subplot? They didn’t need romance to make an epic fucking movie.

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All right, I said I wasn’t going to talk about this goddamn show anymore, but it annoyed me so much this week that I had to come on here and vent my feelings.

Warning: Do not read if you liked tonight’s episode:

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